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Fence Permit Guide  |  Fence Regulations Diagram | Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction – Florida Building Code. |  In a floodplain or a floodway (Check if your property is located in one of these areas.)

 Need a new fence installed or existing fence repaired in Orlando or nearby areas? Get free quotes from top-rated local fence contractors. Learn about fence permit requirements and regulations in Orlando.
Government Permit Information – City of Orlando’s Fence Permit Information

Industry Associations American Fence Association (AFA)

Florida Homeowners Association Law

Provides general information about HOA laws in Florida.

Get a Florida Permit for your project

Whether renovating your home, building a new commercial property, or working on other construction projects, most work requires proper permitting. Easily apply for building permits, trade permits, and more online.

Determine Property Zoning

Before starting a project, it’s crucial to understand your property’s zoning category and associated regulations. Quickly look up the zoning for any Orlando address to ensure your plans comply.

View Permit Utilization Reports

Stay up-to-date on development activity across Orlando. The permit utilization report provides a monthly summary of permitted construction valuations, project types, and more.

Schedule a Virtual Inspection

For eligible projects, take advantage of remote video inspections completed by a city inspector without an in-person visit, saving time and increasing convenience.

Request a Orlando FL Permit Extension

If your permit is close to expiring but your project isn’t complete, you can request an extension online to allow more time for finishing the work.

Fence Permit Requirements in Orlando

In Orlando, you’ll need to obtain a fence permit for any of the following projects:

  • Commercial property fences
  • Residential fences over 6 feet tall
  • Concrete, masonry, or reinforced fences
  • Fences used as pool/spa barriers
  • Fences on or near public easements
  • Fences with vehicular or powered gates
  • Fences related to demolition permits
  • Fences in floodplains or floodways
Fence4U can assist with the process if you are To apply for a residential or commercial fence permit in Orlando.  The process typically takes 2 business days.
 Orlando Fence Regulations

All fences in Orlando must comply with the city’s fence regulations, even if a permit is not required. Key requirements include:

  • Maximum height of 6 feet for residential areas
  • Specific regulations for corner lots and pools
  • Restrictions on barbed wire and electric fences
  • Proper setbacks from property lines

We can assist in answering and Reviewing the full Fence Regulations Diagram to ensure your planned fence meets all local codes.

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 Why Hire Fence4U – a Local Fence Company With Headquarters in Orlando Florida and offices in Miami and Columbus Georgia?

Hiring an experienced local fence contractor ensures:

  • Proper permitting and code compliance
  • High-quality workmanship and materials
  • Familiarity with Orlando’s unique requirements
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
  • Warranty on labor and materials
Don’t risk a subpar fence installation or violations. Work with a reputable Orlando fencing professional from the start.